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The Toruń Fortress Museum

The purchase of tickets to the Toruń Fortress Museum constitutes acceptance of the visiting regulations.

The Toruń Fortress Museum is located in the building of the former Chełmińska Gate Barracks, located next to the bus station, which is an element of the 19th-century fortress defense system, created to strengthen the eastern border of Prussia. Today, the Toruń fortifications are one of the best-preserved complexes of defensive buildings in Europe, constituting an extremely valuable monument of military architecture. An exhibition has been prepared in the rooms of the former barracks, which, using boards, models, dioramas and multimedia devices, familiarizes visitors with the centuries-old history of Toruń's fortifications and all aspects related to it. The exhibition is complemented by valuable exhibits, including: a transportable armored tower or a weapon used by soldiers defending the city. In the exhibition rooms you can learn about the individual stages of the creation and functioning of the Toruń Fortress, from the Middle Ages, through modern times, the 19th century until the end of World War II.

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