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Museum of the History of Toruń in Eskens’ House

The purchase of tickets to the Toruń History Museum constitutes acceptance of the visiting regulations.

Toruń and its History is a modern, multimedia exhibition located on four floors of the historic Esken's House. It presents the history of Toruń, from the period before it received its city rights, through the Middle Ages, the modern times, the nineteenth century, the inter-war period, and World War II, to the period of the Polish People’s Republic (up to 1990). The exhibits include e.g. examples of goods which were traded by Toruń merchants, documents related to the city, objects illustrating the daily life of Toruń’s residents, guild signs, coins, as well as bladed weapons and firearms from the Prussian period (19th century). The exhibition is accompanied by a film titled Book of Toruń which uses 3D technology to depict the history of the city. On Wednesdays entrance to all permanent exhibitions is free.

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